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Statewide Success 

South Carolina First Steps:

Statewide KIPS Implementation on a Swift Timeline

Dan Wuori, Chief Program Officer

Mary Anne Mathews, Director of Parenting Programming



 As part of a legislative requirement, South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness needed to implement a valid and reliable parenting assessment to produce evidence of their outcomes on parent-child interaction in their PAT, Parent-Child Home and Family Literacy programs.  Hoping to begin data collection before an upcoming evaluation of the initiative, First Steps sought to introduce and implement an evaluation measure on a tight timeline.  Read how SCFS succeeded in training over 300 home visitors in just a few months using the KIPS eLearning system, and how KIPS showed they were significantly improving parenting.


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Citywide Success 

San Francisco Family Resource Center Initiative &
Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale

Theresa Zighera, Evaluation Officer

Nick Chandler, Masters Level Intern

San Francisco has implemented the KIPS observational parenting assessment inassessparentingsffrc 22 Family Resource Centers with highly diverse families and staff. To increase confidence and success, the online KIPS training is supplemented and includes peer translation and support. The Family Resource Center Initiative has found that assessing parents participating in Parent/Child Interactive Groups increases family engagement with other services offered by the Centers.  Integrating parenting assessment into supervised visitation services for families involved with Child Welfare provides objective evidence of parents’ strengths and needs and supports very specific visitation goals with the family relevant to readiness for reunification.

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Community Program Success 


 2013 Parents as Teachers Losos Prize Winner!

KIPS Proves Parenting Outcomes and Guides Program Improvement

 in Child Crisis Arizona's PAT Program

Erin Cowan, Program Director  


Child Crisis Arizona, Home Visiting Program (CCAZ-HV) is a program for expecting mothers and families with children up to 5 years old in Mesa, Arizona.  It is a program within Child Crisis Arizona and funded by First Things First Arizona.  In 2013 the Parents as Teachers national center awarded CCAZ-HV the Losos Prize for Excellence for our innovative central intake program and our commitment to high standards of quality when serving our families.

Our funders and Board of Directors wanted to know, beyond assessing fidelity to the model, how do we prove that our investment in Child Crisis Arizona is making a difference for families?  We knew that we were following the Parents as Teachers curriculum, setting goals with families and serving our contracted numbers.  But we had no way of showing where parents were when they started with us and if they improved.  We needed to find a way to assess parenting.  After an extensive review, we chose the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale (KIPS) because it fit well with the Parents as Teachers curriculum and had proven reliability and validity

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How KIPS Impressed Our EHS Monitoring Reviewer

Lucia E. Pugnali, Social Emotional Wellness Coordinator

Alexandra Solano, Home Visitor

Early Head Start Program, Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants & Young Children

parenting-assessment-reviewThe Reginald S. Lourie Center for Infants and Young Children Early Head Start Program provides comprehensive, year-round, child and family development services to low-income families with children, prenatal to three years old.  During weekly home visits and parent-toddler activity groups, trained Early Head Start staff plan activities with families to foster the child's development, increase family literacy, promote healthy parent-child relationships, provide parenting support and education. During our EHS onsite monitoring review, we mentioned that we are utilizing the KIPS parenting assessment and one reviewer insisted on viewing some of our video clips.  She was very impessed!

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 Staff/Family Success

Partnering with Dad to Rebuild His Relationship with His Daughter

Yolanda Beltran, First 5 Program of
Catholic Charities Santa Clara County

parenting-tool-catholiccharitiesFamilies are referred to the First 5 Program of Catholic Charities from Santa Clara County's Mental Health Call Center, Self Referral, and Pediatricians.  Based on an initial evaluation, which includes a KIPS assessment, families are offered Therapeutic or Home Visiting Services. Families with trauma, emotional or attachment issues are offered therapy, while families needing primarily parenting support are offered home visiting.  Read how Yolanda used KIPS to partner with a father to rebuild his relationship with his 4-year-old daughter who was living in two households after her parents' divorce.

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What Works?

Looking Together, Talking About Feelings,  Practicing Parenting Differently   

Emmanuelle Davison, Clinical Psychologist

Early Interaction Service at Honeylands Specialist Child Development Centre 

assessing-parenting-autismOur centre provides multidisciplinary assessments and therapeutic interventions for children under five where there are developmental concerns. Children who regularly attend the centre present with a range of medical conditions, congenital abnormalities and disabilities, e.g. cerebral palsy, visual and hearing impairment, sensory integration difficulties and autism spectrum disorder.  The Early Interaction Service is aimed at children aged 2 years and younger, with the aim of facilitating a positive and nurturing relationship between parents and babies. Learn how Emanuelle employed KIPS as a tool to inform conversations and assess progress as she worked with Val through the challenges of parenting her son Sam, who was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. 


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Using KIPS Data to Capture Fleeting Positive Interactions
and Break the Negative Cycle of Interactions

Jolene Jensen, Mental Health Clinician

Kidango, Inc.  

parentingscalekidangoMost in the field of behavioral health, consider the assessment process to be a critical phase in the treatment process. Mental Health Clinicians doing early intervention work throughout Santa Clara County, use KIPS to assess the caregiver’s positive qualities and reveal those that have the opportunity for growth. This enables us to work on notable areas of improvement utilizing strengths that already exist in the caregiver’s repertoire of skills. Jolene shares a real life example that highlights ways in which this tool became a significant and resourceful catalyst for positive change with a family.

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