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How Parenting Assessments Can Help Depressed Parents

Posted by Phil Gordon on Fri, Oct 18, 2013 @ 02:47 PM

I just read an interesting editorial entitled Why do depressed individuals have difficulties in their parenting roles? by L. Psychogiou and E. Parry in Psychological Medicine. This got me to thinking about how parenting assessment can help depressed parents.  It is quite likely that we’ve all encountered a parent with depression, or have been in that place ourselves.  Depression is the most common psychiatric disorder, and post-partum depression is particularly widespread.  According to the New York Department of Health, up to 80% of new mothers experience “Baby Blues” which resolve relatively quickly.  More critically, 10-20% of mothers will experience post-partum depression (for a helpful handout see Understanding Maternal Depression, A Fact Sheet for Care Providers). 

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