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Posted by Marilee Comfort on Wed, Oct 01, 2014 @ 05:25 PM

Did you know that children with disabilities are reported at nearly 2 times greater risk of child maltreatment than typically developing children?  Some studies indicate that children with emotional or behavior problems are at elevated risk.  Estimates of the prevalence of children 0-5 years with serious emotional/ behavioral disorders in the U.S. range from 9% to 14%.  Challenging behaviors that can have negative ripple effects on the child, family and community by disrupting parent-child relationships, increasing parental stress, isolating families and sometimes triggering child maltreatment.  Unfortunately, government -sponsored early intervention programs often don’t use evidence-based intervention programs to prevent or address these challenging behaviors.  Although research on several family-centered behavioral intervention modelshas shown positive impacts on young children with challenging behaviors and their parents, there’s a gap between research and practice in most communities.

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