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Brookings: The Parenting Divide Limits Children’s Development

Posted by Marilee Comfort on Mon, Jun 30, 2014 @ 04:51 PM

The Brookings Institution has just released a policy recommendation, entitled Addressing the Parenting Divide to Promote Early Childhood Development for Disadvantaged Childrenwritten by Ariel Kalil, Professor, the Harris School for Public Policy at the University of Chicago.  In this and the next few posts we will explore this proposal. The Brookings proposal centers around addressing an issue Kalil refers to as the “Parenting Divide”, the disparities in time and quality of time parents spend with their children.  Kalil points to the growing inequalities in US family incomes, which are reflected in children’s educational achievement.  She argues that these inequalities are due in large part to the parenting divide.  She claims that focusing investments on classrooms alone is too narrow and is missing an important component.  We must include parents if children are to be successful.

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