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Parenting Assessment Feedback: Step #4 Being Interactive and Flexible

Posted by Phil Gordon on Wed, Oct 10, 2012 @ 05:50 PM

In the earlier posts in this series we discussed identifying parents strengths, using a thoughtful strategy, and being future and improvement focused.  This article will focus on being interactive and flexible.  This is the hardest step for me.  It also runs counter to most of our experience with feedback.  In school I received papers returned with the teachers’ marks on them; hardly, interactive or flexible.  This feedback pattern continued into adulthood.  I once worked for a university that had a performance review process, where the supervisor filled out a long form, then read it out loud to the supervisee, and the supervisee had to sign it.  I guess it fulfilled management’s need, but as a supervisor and supervisee, I hated it.  It was neither interactive, nor flexible; moreover, it didn’t promote positive change.  This personal experience makes the step of being interactive and flexible particularly important to me.  

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