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A Newsletter for the KIPS Community

KIPS TIPS explores the use of parenting assessment in improving nurturing parenting behavior and proving outcomes from family services.  The menu below provides links to past issues of the KIPS TIPS Newsletter.

Past KIPS TIPS Issues

KIPS TIPS May 2020: Big Changes for KIPS!

KIPS TIPS Mar 2020: Muppets Help Kids & Families Talk About Foster Care

KIPS TIPS Dec 2019: Warm Wishes for Peace & Joy!

KIPS TIPS Mar 2019: Kids Say Take Action! Protect Earth & Their Future

KIPS TIPS Dec 2018: Wishing You Peace, Joy & Kindness!

KIPS TIPS Apr 201: Oprah Is a New ACEs Champion

KIPS TIPS Nov 2017: Need a Gift for Your Busy Families?

KIPS TIPS May 2017: Proof that Birth to 5 Services Matter

KIPS TIPS Dec 2016: Wishing You Joyful Holidays!

KIPS TIPS Sep 2016: Uncle Sam Believes Your Support for Quality Parenting Matters!

KIPS TIPS June 2016: Resources for Parents in KIPS Library

KIPS TIPS Mar 2016: New Resources in KIPS Library 

KIPS TIPS Dec 2015: Mindful Parenting & Child Poverty 

KIPS TIPS May 2015: What’s Wrong with “Home Visiting”?

KIPS TIPS Apr 2015: Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention Is Key!

KIPS TIPS Dec 2014: $1 Billion Gift Announced by the White House

KIPS TIPS Sept 2014: Engaging Fathers with Their Babies

KIPS TIPS May 2014: Burnout: How It Happens & How to Prevent It

KIPS TIPS Mar 2014: Why KIPS Certification Matters to Children

KIPS TIPS Jan 2014: Parenting Can Win the War on Poverty

KIPS TIPS Oct 2013: Brookings Institution Says Your Work Matters in Breaking Cycle of Poverty

KIPS TIPS Sep 2013: Nobel Prize Winner Says You're Doing the Right Thing! 

KIPS TIPS June 2013: KIPS Is for Parents, Like ASQ Is for Children

KIPS TIPS May 2013: Assessing Parenting Helped Me Improve My Own Parenting

KIPS TIPS March 2013: Using Parenting Assessment in EHS Supervision

KIPS TIPS Jan 2013: Read Mom's Heartfelt Thank You

KIPS TIPS Nov 2012: Bits & Pieces

KIPS TIPS Sep 2012: Evidence You Can Use: Parenting Counts

KIPS TIPS August 2012: KIPSters Spoke - We Listened

KIPS TIPS June 2012: Feedback to Moms in Parenting Groups

KIPS TIPS April 2012: Helping Parents Reflect!

KIPS TIPS March 2012: Using KIPS to Help Parents Plan Goals

KIPS TIPS Feb 2012: Supporting Families with Challenges

KIPS TIPS Nov 2011: Watch for New Sister KIPSters!

KIPS TIPS Oct 2011: Learn from KIPS Advisors!

KIPS TIPS Sept 2011: Supervision is Key to KIPS Success!

KIPS TIPS June 2011: Assess What Matters to Children

KIPS TIPS May 2011: KIPS-Curricula Crosswalks

KIPS TIPS Mar 2011: KIPS Library

KIPS TIPS Jan 2011: KIPSter Connection & Annual Check-Up Revised