KIPS TIPS August 2012: KIPS Parenting Assessment User Survey Responses


Building KIPS Connections and Supports!


 In response to requested suggestions for future KIPS TIPS articles, survey respondents replied:

  • How to discuss areas that need improvement
  • Working with parents who are resistant to change
  • Mentoring KIPS users, offering support through supervision.

All of these topics involve giving feedback, so Coming Soon! . . .

Phil is offering a workshop: Giving Feedback to Staff and Parents So It Can Be Accepted and Used, at the Parents as Teachers Conference (Nov 2012, St. Louis) and Zero to Three's National Training Institute (Dec 2012, Los Angeles).  Phil would love to include examples of your successes or challenges in giving feedback after assessing parenting in the workshop.  Email them Then come to the workshop to explore 6 practical tips Supervisors and Staff can use to give feedback that is more likely to be received and put into practice. After piloting the workshop, we hope to offer a Feedback Workshop for KIPSters as an online course next year. 

Further suggestions for KIPS TIPS articles:

  • Early intervention services using parenting assessment,
  • Innovations based on KIPS,
  • Stories about how parents grow.

 The above ideas are addressed in existing resources: 

  • See KIPS Library > Resources > KIPS Advisors. Hear Sister KIPSters share their insights on using KIPS with families and in supervision.   If you have a Library account, login at 

If you don't have a Library subscription: see KIPS TIPS: March 2011 KIPS Library and October 2011 Learn From KIPS Advisors!  to decide if you want one. Place an order for the Library or Special Bundle by clicking on the Price List/Order

Coming Soon!  Angela Rau (PAT Trainer) and Marilee will team up to present a workshop at the Parents as Teachers Conference (Nov 2012, St. Louis) on Planning for Parent Reflection: Making the Most of Assessment Tools and Resources, in other words, linking parenting assessment results with services that address parents' strengths and needs.   


In response to survey questions about networking with KIPSters beyond their workplace, a Blog and email Listserv came out on top.

Coming Soon!  We're adding the KIPS Cradle, a blog about parenting assessment. Check it out and add your comments to the posts.  We also are eager to include guest blog posts.  If you have something you'd like to share, please write

The KIPSter Connection, the current email Listserv is still an under-utilized tool to communicate with other KIPSters. You can submit questions, comments and celebrate successes by submitting an email to

It takes a village to build the KIPSter Community!

Let's build together!

We have a page on the Comfort Consults website that listsReports and Publications using KIPS.  We'd like to add your program's information to this collection, so others in the KIPS Community can learn from you. If interested in this opportunity, please contact

We are eager to support programs in presenting their experience with KIPS at conferences or in publications. Let us know at if you'd like support in developing a presentation.  

  Where Can I Find KIPS Online Training and Supports?

The online training and support systems use three separate web addresses.It's a good idea to bookmark each in your browser, so you can get to them when you need them.Here are the links:

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