KIPS TIPS Jan 2011: KIPSter Connection & Annual Check-Up Revised

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Welcome to the first KIPS TIPS! In this newsletter you can learn about the latest KIPS updates and read stories from KIPS users in the U.S. and across the world.  Send us your ideas for articles and send parenting assessment stories you'd like to share.

 KIPSter Connection

Building a KIPS Community 

Nurturing Parenting Assessment

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With thousands of KIPSters spread over 36 States and 6 different countries, the KIPSter Community has rich and diverse experience.  However, we have yet to connect with each other and benefit from this rich experience base. The new KIPSter Connection listserv provides a forum for the KIPS community to learn together.  In the KIPSter Connection you can submit messages via email, which are then distributed to the group.  We can celebrate successes, post questions, share experience and provide advice.  We hope KIPSter Connection provides a useful and lively place to support and learn from each other.  We are eager to hear your KIPS stories.


The KIPSter Connection is for those who are enrolled or have completed the KIPS eLearning course and/or the KIPS Annual Check-Up. To join KIPSter Connection, write Phil Gordon at to request membership.   



KIPS Annual Check-Up Revised

Maintaining KIPS certification requires passing the online KIPS Annual Check-Up.  We have just released a revision of the KIPS Annual Check-Up.  The new version offers an optional self-assessment opportunity. The KIPS Annual Check-Up exams test to see if the user can correctly identify both low and high scoring behaviors in a single play video.  The new version offers two such examples, which the user can access before proceeding to the required exams.   


Parenting Assessment Check Up

To activate  the self-assessment, select the "Check my skills" button on the KIPS Annual Check-Up home page, as 

shown here. After taking the two practice tests, a recommendation is given. If the user shows over 80% reliability, the recommendation  is to proceed to the recertification exam.  As usual, each KIPS user has three chances to show 80% reliability.  In the self-assessment, if the user shows less than 80% reliability, ta

king a KIPS refresher course is recommended. For those taking a refresher, a credit for the amount paid for the KIPS Annual Check-Up is applied to the cost of the refresher course.  We hope this ability to check observation and scoring skills prior to the exam will make the process more approachable.  As discussed in the next issue of KIPS TIPS, the KIPS Library has a set of searchable videos that can be used to maintain KIPS scoring skills. You may order the Library at a discounted price by ordering the Special Bundle of the Annual Check-Up and Library on our website,




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