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KIPS Library Resources  

The KIPS Library provides ongoing support for KIPS parenting assessment users. The online KIPS Library is available to those learning to use via KIPS eLearning course.  A link to the library appears after one has finished the introductory portions of the course.  A one year KIPS Library subscription comes with the introductory training, and upon certification, a message with login information is sent via email. 

 After the first year, the KIPS Library is available by subscription.  For those who want to maintain and enhance their use of KIPS with families, the KIPS Library offers a wide range of supports that are described below. Learnmore

 Parenting Assessment Resources

 Play Video Collection

The KIPS video collection provides an opportunity for KIPS users to enhance their scoring skills via a searchable collection of parent-child play videos. After assessing parenting using the play video, the user can see the Expert Panel ratings and listen to the reasoning for scoring each KIPS item.  This collection is particularly valuable in supervision.  It also can refresh scoring skills when staff have not used KIPS for awhile. 



KIPS users can browse three types of ongoing supports in the Resources section.


KIPS Advisors that show videos of KIPS users discussing and demonstrating their use of KIPS, including:

  • Value of Assessing the Facets of Parenting

  • Learning to Use KIPS

  • Introducing KIPS to Families

  • KIPS in Supervision

  • Using KIPS for Reflection and Service Planning

  • Using KIPS with Families


Tools to reflect on KIPS assessments and plan family services include:

  • KIPS Start Up Planning Guide - provides a series of nine questions to guide programs in successfully tailoring their KIPS implementation to match their needs.

  • Reflecting on KIPS - walks staff through the planning guide in the KIPS scoring form to help them reflect on each parent's strengths and areas for growth

  • KIPS Qs - a set of reflective questions for each of the 12 KIPS items to help staff, supervisors, and parents reflect on areas of parenting where there is room to grow

  • KIPS Curriculum Crosswalks - guides from the KIPS assessment to relevant portions of parenting curricula and resources.

o    KIPS-PAT Born to Learn® Crosswalk                           

o    KIPS-Partners in Parenting Education (PIPE)            

o    KIPS-Growing Great Kids Crosswalk (coming soon)            

  • Supporting Parents  - activity charts for coaching parents on enhancing the 12  KIPS behaviors.


Handouts that offer information as you use KIPS with families, such as:

  •  KIPS Fast Facts

  • Flyers for Parents (English and Spanish)

  • Detailed Descriptions of KIPS items, plus References

  • KIPS Development and Research Studies

  • Introducing KIPS to Families 

  • Tips for Filming Quality Videos



Where can I find the KIPS Online Training and Supports?

The online training and support systems use three separate web addresses. It's a good idea to bookmark each in your browser, so you can get to them when you need them.  Here are the links:

On each login page is a password reminder feature.  If you put in your username, which is usually your email address, the program automaticallysends you an email with your username and password.

Subscriptions can be ordered at




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