KIPS TIPS May 2011: KIPS-Curricula Crosswalks


Doing the Crosswalk Dance to

Connect Parenting Assessment to Curricula


Many KIPS parenting assessment users also use parenting curricula in their services. We have developed Crosswalks to guide staff from a KIPS assessment to specific portions of three parenting curricula. All you need to do is follow the steps in the crosswalk to dance your way to the relevant resources in your curriculum.

Thus far, we have developed three Crosswalks to help you tailor your services to individual family strengths and areas for growth:

  • KIPS-PAT Born to Learn Crosswalk
  • KIPS-PIPE Partners in Parenting Education (PIPE) Crosswalk
  • KIPS-Growing Great Kids (GGK) Crosswalk

Each Crosswalk is designed for staff who are certified to use both KIPS and the specific curriculum. The Crosswalk guides staff from each of the 12 parent behaviors on KIPS to suggested resources and strategies in the curriculum. Thus after assessing parenting you can adapt your curriculum to meet each family's abilities to build nurturing parenting skills. Staff can use the Crosswalk to plan activities relevant to their families. Supervisors can integrate the Crosswalk into reflective practice during individual or group sessions.

In the Tools section of the KIPS Library, currently you will find two Crosswalks. The PAT and PIPE Crosswalks have been field tested and can be downloaded free of charge by those with KIPS Library subscriptions.


The GGK Crosswalk has been written, and we are looking for programs that are using both KIPS and the GGK curriculum to field test it, before adding it to the KIPS Library collection. Please contact, if you would like to try it out and give us feedback.


For KIPS users who do not use any of these three curricula, in the Resources Section of the KIPS Library, under Supporting Parents, you will find the KIPS Activity Chart developed by Lynn Kosanovich and Gretchen Almstead, Technical Assistance/Quality Assurance Specialists from Healthy Families Virginia.


We would love to hear from KIPS users, who are using any of these tools. If you have tried using one of the Crosswalks or the KIPS Activity Chart, please share your experience on the KIPS Connection listserv, so others can learn from your experience. All you need to do is submit an email to


If you are currently KIPS-certified and wish to order a subscription to the KIPS Library, go to Click on the blue button at the top right of the page labeled Price List/Order Form to place your order for a 1 year subscription that offers ongoing support for using KIPS with families.


Where can I find the KIPS Online Training and Supports?


The online training and support systems use three separate web addresses. It's a good idea to bookmark each in your browser, so you can get to them when you need them. Here are the links:


On each login page is a password reminder feature. If you put in your username, which is usually your email address, the program automatically sends you an email with your username and password.


Subscriptions can be ordered at

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