KIPS TIPS November 2012: BITS & PIECES

Welcome New Additions to the KIPS Family! 

Stork KIPS    

  • Child Development Resources, VA

  • Choctow Nation of Oklahoma

  • Devereux Arizona

  • The Family Center, NY

  • Holy Family Community Services, PA

  • Native Health, AZ

  • PPAC/Parents Place, WI 


They join the ever expanding list of programs in the KIPS Family.

We look forward to hearing how KIPS fits

with your work with families.  


 KIPS Price Changes Coming in 2013. Order While 2012 Prices Last

 All orders received by 12/31/2012 will be billed at the 2012 prices. Order now and train later, while 2012 prices last!  In 2013 prices for KIPS training, annual recertification and materials will increase approximately 15%. 

See current prices and place orders at:

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Check out the KIPS Cradle Blog   KIPS Cradle Parenting assessment blog

The new KIPS Cradle blog started with a series of articles aimed at answering the frequently asked question, "So I've done the parenting assessment, what am I supposed to do next?"  The series explored how to effectively give feedback to parents.

We hope the KIPS Cradle will become a lively discussion forum for the KIPSterhood.  Come read and add your comments to the posts.  Also, if you have something you'd like to share as a guest blog, please write


 Fall 2012 Conference Workshops

KIPS and More!

 We love to meet KIPSters during our conference travels.  Speak up in our workshops or tap us on the shoulder to share your experiences with KIPS.

 Coming Soon!

Phil Gordon will offer a workshop, Giving Feedback to Staff and Parents So It Can Be Accepted and Used, at the Parents as Teachers Conference (Nov 2012, St. Louis) and at Zero to Three's National Training Institute (Dec 2012, Los Angeles).  If you are attending either conference, the session could really benefit from the participation of KIPSters, so please come and share your experience. 

See the KIPS Cradle Blog for a little of what Phil will be doing in the workshops.

Angela Rau (Actt Consulting, PAT Trainer) and Marilee Comfort will team up for a workshop at the Parents as Teachers Conference (Nov 2012, St. Louis) on Planning for Parent Reflection: Making the Most of Assessment Tools and Resources. Borrowing from the infant mental health field, learn to Watch>Wait>Wonder>Respond>Track while combining KIPS and PAT Resources to partner with parents in working on parenting goals. 


Been There . . .

Marilee presented a KIPS overview on a panel session,Taking a Look Inside the Tool Box: Getting the Most from Your Measures, at the Prevent Child Abuse America Conference (Oct 2012, Jacksonville, FL). We all learned how KIPS, the Healthy Families Parenting Inventory and the Protective Factors Survey are best used in family service programs.

Marilee and Phil co-presented KIPS: A Parenting Assessment That Helps You Help Parents at the PA Association for Infant Mental Health Conference (Oct 2012, Pittsburgh, PA).  Folks from across PA explored how KIPS fits with early intervention services, supervised visitation in child protective services and infant mental health consultation.

Where Can I Find KIPS Online Training and Supports?

The online training and supports for assessing parenting use three separate web addresses. It's a good idea to bookmark each in your browser, so you can get to them when you need them. 

Here are the links:

Forgot your password? On each login page click on HELP! I forgot my password. Type in your username (usually your email address), and the program automatically sends you an email with your username and password.


Subscriptions can be ordered at