KIPS TIPS Sept 2011: Supervision Is Key to Success with KIPS!

It's September!  Vacation's over and it's back to work to reconnect with staff and families.  It's a great time to refresh on strategies for successfully using parenting assessment with families.  Need resources?  See theSupports for Supervisors near the end of this KIPS TIPS!



"We are experiencing such great outcomes for the families and the staff in reviewing the videos at staff meetings AND supervision. I think that to do this regularly is so important to utilizing this tool to its max!!"

Debbie Lancucki, Three Rivers Healthy Families, VA 

Read more in KIPS Shows How Parents Grow,   Zero to Three Journal (March issue, 2010)

 Go to the Resources section of the KIPS Library to

Hear more from Debbie, a KIPS Advisor.


Supervisors can help staff build reflective practice when discussing KIPS parenting assessments by noting which aspects of the parent-child interactions they observe, emphasize or need help recognizing. Reflecting together on the observation of parent and child playing together can improve mutual understanding of the dynamics between them, and enhance staff service planning. 


"We play 'KIPS What If?' to guide our services planning. By asking the question, 'What if a specific KIPS item were improved?' we can explore how specific changes in the parent's behavior will influence the parent-child interaction.This shows us where we should focus our attention."

 Rachel Talamantez, First 5 Santa Clara County, CA

Read more in KIPS Shows How Parents Grow,  Zero to Three Journal (March issue, 2010) 

> Go to the Resources section of KIPS Library to

Hear more from Rachel, a KIPS Advisor.


KIPS gives supervisors and staff a framework for assessing, understanding, and developing parenting skills with families. In reflective supervision, KIPS becomes a learning tool. Through reflection with a supervisor, staff sort out specific behaviors that may be difficult to pinpoint, thus providing more comprehensive, yet precise views of parenting. In this way staff can learn more from the KIPS assessment and identify alternatives for working with families.  

KIPS can confirm when a goal has been achieved, and also point to further areas for growth.

Check Out These Supports for Supervisors  

A Practical Guide to Reflective Supervision (2009). SherylScott Heller & Linda Gilkerson (Eds.) Washington, D.C.: Zero to Three. Purchase.


Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale: KIPS Shows How Parents Grow (March, 2010). M Comfort, PR Gordon, B English, K Hacker, R Hembree, R Knight, & C Miller. Zero to Three Journal, 30(4), 33-39. See publications

For more Supervision Supports Go to KIPS Library: Resources 

Download Tools Tools to guide you from KIPS assessments to specific sections of parenting curricula and resources, so you can tailor your services to individual family strengths and areas for growth.

            • KIPS-Curriculum Crosswalks
            • Reflecting on KIPS
            • KIPS Start-Up Planning Guide
            • Supporting Parents

Hear KIPS Advisors - Videos of KIPS users sharing their experiences and strategies for training, supervising and using KIPS with families.

            • Value of Assessing the Facets of Parenting
            • Learning to Use KIPS
            • Introducing KIPS to Families
            • KIPS in Supervision
            • Using KIPS for Reflection and Service Planning
            • Using KIPS with Families

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