KIPS TIPS Oct 2011: Learn from KIPS Advisors!

Have you ever wondered how others assess parenting?

Would you like to learn from someone else's experience without touching a phone or driving for hours? 


Learn from KIPS Advisors on Parenting Assessment! 

The KIPS Advisors on parenting assessment are just a few clicks away in the Resources section of the online KIPS Library. (Don't have Library access? Order a subscription at  This collection of videos shows KIPS users from various programs discussing and demonstrating their use of KIPS. The videos are organized under the following headings:

  •  Value of Assessing the Facets of Parenting

  •  Learning to Use KIPS

  •  Introducing KIPS to Families

  •  KIPS in Supervision

  •  Using KIPS for Reflection and Service Planning

  •  Using KIPS with Families

Under each heading you will see thumbnail pictures of the speaker(s), name, job title, and affiliation, the topic and thelength of the video (see examples below).   

KIPS Advisors in Library  

Take a few minutes on your own to choose a video from the KIPS Advisors collection and learn from other KIPS Users. Or gather a group of your co-workers together to view a KIPS Advisor and start a lively discussion. Most of the collection involves KIPS Users discussing their experiences. We have several videos showing KIPS Users working with parents.

Are there additional topics you would like included in the KIPS Advisors? Please send your suggestions to Also, if you have something you would like to contribute to the collection, please let us know.  

In addition to the KIPS Advisors, you can pose questions to other KIPS Users, explore issues and celebrate KIPS successes via the KIPSter Connection email discussion group. Send an email to


Where can I find the KIPS Online Training and Supports?

The online training and support systems use three separate web addresses.  It's a good idea to bookmark each in your browser, so you can get to them when you need them.  Here are the links: 

Forgot your password? On each login page click on HELP! I forgot my password.  Type in your username, (usually your email address), and the program automatically sends you an email with your username and password.

Subscriptions can be ordered at

Credit Cards now accepted!  Submit order online, then call to process card information securely.




Are you going to St. Louis for the National PAT Conference, November 6-8?   Keep your eyes open for Marilee.  We're curious to learn about the adventures you and your families are having with KIPS! Write to set up time to chat at

Let's stay in touch in 2011,

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