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Online Training for the Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale

 "Thank you for your amazing KIPS training. I truly enjoyed every bit of it. I know that with this new knowledge, I will be able to better assist my clients and future clients. I am a parent myself and have even tried the KIPS scale on my everyday life and I see the change in my child’s activity as I learn to assist her needs and communicate with her on her own level." 

Amy Vang, Teen Parent Educator, Neigborhood House, St. Paul, MN

Everyone here enjoyed the e-learning.  Many were dreading needing to work on the computer, but it was so easy and simple to use.  Thank everyone for their commitment to supporting educators, support workers in the quest to support families.
Parenting Assessment Trainingclick for a larger screenshot

KIPS Online Expert Guides
Learning and Provides Feedback

KIPS eLearning Features

parenting assessment online training
  • Convenient
  • Easy to Use
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Ample Scoring Practice
  • Consistent Quality
  • Low Cost
  • Always Available
  • Accommodates Staff Turnover
Thanks so much for an informative training. I’m sure it’s going to be slightly nerve-wracking the first few times I do it, but I really do feel well prepared.
KIPS eLassessing parenting video

Videos of Caregiver-Child Play
Provide Scoring Practice

I just completed the KIPS re-certification and just wanted to pass along how much I enjoyed the process.  I appreciated the feedback after each practice.

Annual recertification is required to ensure accurate scoring.

KIPS Library

The KIPS Library is a learning resource to enhance and refresh KIPS scoring skills. The
Library provides a searchable collection of play videos for practice and supervision.

parenting assessment database

click on the image to see a larger screenshotI love the new KIPS library, especially the large video selection which allows you to pick and choose from a variety of caregiver and child characteristics.  The feedback from the facilitators on each answer after the video helps you understand where you might have misinterpreted a behavior and will help those who are struggling with certain items.  It allows you to go directly to the item you missed for a quick video summary of why the experts scored the way they did.  I also like the KIPS Resources.

You can search by Caregiver and/or
Child Characteristics, or spin the
Keep It Simple wheel and view a
video chosen by chance.I especially like that both Panelists provide feedback.  It appears realistic and the discussion helps the viewer say –oh that’s how they arrived at that score-or I missed that the first time I watched the video.  The length of the discussion is perfect.  I especially like how you can pick the video that meets your needs –female, grandparent, etc.parenting assessment tool

click on the image to see a larger screenshot

After rating the video, you can
compare your ratings
to the Expert Panel’s scores
and hear their explanations
for each KIPS item.

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