KIPS Parenting Assessment Publications

By KIPS Developers:

  • Gordon, Philip R. & Comfort, Marilee (2013). How Parenting Assessment Strengthens Family Services. Journal of Health Visiting, 1(11), 626-32.  Download PDF

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  • Comfort, Marilee & Gordon, Philip R. (2013). KIPS has strong evidence of reliability and validity. Letter to the Editor, Journal of Health Visiting, 1(9), 540.

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By Independent Researchers and Clinicians: 

  • Gannon, Meghan, Mackenzie, Michael, Kaltenbach, Karol, Abatemarco, Diane (2017). Impact of Mindfulness-Based Parenting on women in treatment for opiod disorder.Journal of Addiction Medicine,  Jul 25. doi: 10.1097/ADM.0000000000000336. [Epub ahead of print] Abstract and full text pdf available at

  • Lanier, Paul, O’Brien, Jennifer E., Rizo, Cynthia Fraga, Welch, Hannah & Macy, Rebecca (2016). Examining parenting quality and dyad interactions between female CPS- and/or court-involved partner violence survivors and their young
    children using observational methods. Journal of Child Custody, 13 (1), 30-51. Abstract and full text pdf available at

  • DOHVE Compendium of Measurement Tools for MIECHV Grantees - April 2016 - List of measurement tools relevant to and commonly used to assess maternal, child, and family outcomes in home visiting models. It was compiled through a review of the literature on home visiting programs.  Note: KIPS is listed under Parenting measures on page 13 and a few references and contact info are noted on page 45.
  • Lefever, Jennifer B., Bigelow, Kathryn M., Carta, Judith J. & Borkowski, J. G. (2013). Prediction of Early Engagement and Completion of a Home Visitation Parenting Intervention for Preventing Child Maltreatment. NHSA Dialog, 16(1), 1–19.  To read online or download PDF go to:
  • Bigelow, Kathryn M., Lefever, Jennifer B., Carta, Judith J., Borkowski, John (2013). Enhancing Parent Engagement and Program Completion in a Home Visiting Parenting Intervention Through the Use of Cellular Phones. NHSA Dialog, 16(1), 165-170.   To read online or download PDF go to:

  • Balbernie, Robin & Gorney, Carry (2011). Unlocking the Potential: Video Can Be a Powerful Tool When Working with Hard to Reach Parents. YoungMinds Magazine, 110, 22-23.

    Editor’s Note: This article on video feedback as a powerful clinical tool first appeared in the February/March 2011 issue of YoungMinds Magazine and has been reproduced with the editor's consent. Download PDF. To find out more about YoungMinds Magazine go to

  • Balbernie, Robin (2010). The Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale: A Video-Based Method for Assessment and Intervention in the Early Years. Newsletter for the Association of Infant Mental Health (UK), Winter, 6-11.  Description of AIMH (UK) and membership available at:

  • Guskin, Karen (2010). Outcomes Measurement Tools That Help Programs Demonstrate Impact, Parents as Teachers News, Summer issue, 8. Now available at


KIPS Parenting Outcomes Reports

  • Nebraska Children & Families Foundation, Sixpence Early Learning Fund, Annual Evaluation Report 2015-2016, University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Munroe-Meyer Institute, A University Center of Excellence for Developmental Disabilities, . Sixpence funding is provided by a public-private partnership to improve the futures of at-risk children birth to 3 years old.  Major financial support is provided by the Buffett Early Childhood Fund.   Note: Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to download the 2015-2016 Annual Report.  Scroll to page 18 for results on parenting outcomes, as measured by KIPS. 

  • Child Crisis Arizona, Home Visiting Program Evaluation Annual Report, August 2017. Prepared by LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc.  | Download PDF.  Note:  Scroll to Outcome Evaluation, p. 46, for KIPS parenting outcomes.  
  • South Carolina Parents as Teachers: A Program of South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness, Dr. Dan Wuori, Deputy Director - Mary Anne Mathews, State PAT Director, Poster presented at the 2014 Parents as Teachers Conference, St. Louis, October 2014. 
  • Wake County (NC) Smart Start 2011-12 Program Evaluation Report. The Parents as Teachers Home Visiting Program, Project Enlightenment, Wake County Public Schools uses KIPS to measure parenting outcomes.  See page 13,

  • Further Steps to School Readiness: 2009 Evaluation of the South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness Initiatives, Kimberly Browning, and Zongping Xiang, High Scope Educational Research Foundation, November, 2010.

  • Healthy Families Virginia Statewide Evaluation Executive Report: FY 2006-2010, Prevent Child Abuse Virginia, Prepared by Joseph Galano and Lee Huntington, January, 2011.    |   Download PDF

  • Evidence-Based Model Crosswalk to MIECHV Benchmarks: Model Alignment with Benchmark Constructs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Updated November, 2012.
    Note: Look under Data Sources to see how KIPS maps to federal MIECHV benchmark constructs on Parenting under School Readiness and Achievement, as recommended by Parents as Teachers and Healthy Families America.