KIPS Parenting Assessment Publications

By KIPS Developers:

  • Gordon, Philip R. & Comfort, Marilee (2013). How Parenting Assessment Strengthens Family Services. Journal of Health Visiting, 1(11), 626-32.  Download PDF

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  • Comfort, Marilee & Gordon, Philip R. (2013). KIPS has strong evidence of reliability and validity. Letter to the Editor, Journal of Health Visiting, 1(9), 540.

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By Independent Researchers and Clinicians: 

  • Lefever, Jennifer EB., Bigelow, Kathryn M., Carta, JJ, Borkowski, JG, Grandfield, E, McCune, L, Irvin, DW, Warren, SF. (2017).  Long-Term Impact of a Cell Phone-enhanced Parenting Intervention.  Child Maltreatment, 22 (4), 305-314. Download pdf.

  • Gannon, Meghan, Mackenzie, Michael, Kaltenbach, Karol, Abatemarco, Diane (2017). Impact of Mindfulness-Based Parenting on women in treatment for opioid disorder. Journal of Addiction Medicine, Sep/Oct;11(5):368-376. Read abstract
  • McFarlane, Elizabeth., Burrell, Lori, Duggan, Anne, and Tandon, Darius (2017). Outcomes of a Randomized Trial of a Cognitive Behavioral Enhancement to Address Maternal Distress in Home Visited Mothers. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 21(3), 475-484. Download full text pdf.
  • Lanier, Paul, O’Brien, Jennifer E., Rizo, Cynthia Fraga, Welch, Hannah & Macy, Rebecca (2016). Examining parenting quality and dyad interactions between female CPS- and/or court-involved partner violence survivors and their young
    children using observational methods. Journal of Child Custody, 13 (1), 30-51. Abstract and full text pdf available at

  • DOHVE Compendium of Measurement Tools for MIECHV Grantees - April 2016 - List of measurement tools relevant to and commonly used to assess maternal, child, and family outcomes in home visiting models. It was compiled through a review of the literature on home visiting programs.  Note: KIPS is listed under Parenting measures on page 13 and a few references and contact info are noted on page 45.
  • Lefever, Jennifer B., Bigelow, Kathryn M., Carta, Judith J. & Borkowski, J. G. (2013). Prediction of Early Engagement and Completion of a Home Visitation Parenting Intervention for Preventing Child Maltreatment. NHSA Dialog, 16(1), 1–19.  To read online or download PDF go to:
  • Bigelow, Kathryn M., Lefever, Jennifer B., Carta, Judith J., Borkowski, John (2013). Enhancing Parent Engagement and Program Completion in a Home Visiting Parenting Intervention Through the Use of Cellular Phones. NHSA Dialog, 16(1), 165-170.   To read online or download PDF go to:

  • Balbernie, Robin & Gorney, Carry (2011). Unlocking the Potential: Video Can Be a Powerful Tool When Working with Hard to Reach Parents. YoungMinds Magazine, 110, 22-23.

    Editor’s Note: This article on video feedback as a powerful clinical tool first appeared in the February/March 2011 issue of YoungMinds Magazine and has been reproduced with the editor's consent. Download PDF. To find out more about YoungMinds Magazine go to

  • Balbernie, Robin (2010). The Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale: A Video-Based Method for Assessment and Intervention in the Early Years. Newsletter for the Association of Infant Mental Health (UK), Winter, 6-11.  Description of AIMH (UK) and membership available at:


KIPS Parenting Outcomes Reports

  • Child Crisis Arizona, PAT Home Visiting Program Evaluation Annual Report, August 2018. Prepared by LeCroy & Milligan Associates, Inc. | Download PDF. Note: Scroll to Outcome Evaluation, p. 42, for PAT parenting outcomes measured by KIPS. 
  • South Carolina First Steps Evaluation of Parents as Teachers 2008-2016, December 2017. PowerPoint Presentation by Dan Wuori, SCFS and Compass Evaluation and Research, Inc. | Download PowerPoint.
  • South Carolina First Steps Evaluation of Parents as Teachers 2008-2016, December 2017. Full Report Prepared by Compass Evaluation and Research, Inc. | Download PDF. Note: Scroll to p. 25 for KIPS Results.